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Welcome to Hearthstone at Woodfield, a Ryan Homes Community managed by Dan-Mar Management Services Inc.  (Dana F. Rosati) The information on this site is provided by the members of the community and is for their use and the use of new members as they arrive.  Your input is welcome.  Contact the webmaster with information you would like to include, questions you may have, or comments you would like to make.  Let this website become yours.  Contribute your ideas and content.  You will find the Webmaster responsive.

August 15, 2013
BTBuzalski 28 September 2013

This website was originally located at  It was removed by order of the Board of Trustees.  I don't know why.  They never gave a reason.  They never contributed to the site or had specific comments.  Just take it down.  Well I did, although I own the URL and they really couldn't do a thing about it.  But here it is again.  It will find it's way back to the google search engine eventually.  I have reposted it beacuse of the fquestions regarding water quality and treatment.  Please see the side bar menu.  I will state here that not all the information here will be maintained with any regularity.  So user beware.  If there is something you would like to have updated just make the request.  I will be responsive.

Community Involvement
BTBuzalski 28 September 2013

The attendance at the Board Meetings is very sparse.  It used to be very popular and extremely vocal.  The problem with the vocal part is that it was mostly negative, and loaded with complaints. 

Admittedly there is much to complain about but that is not constructive.  What is needed is a group of people who are apart from the Board Of Trustees that have an interest in the community and are willing to develop a platform for improvement of the association and our home values.  That would be a place where complaints can be heard and recommendations collectively developed and presented to the board for their action. 

Right now, the residents have no voice other than the people they elect to do the job.  The board has autonomy and is only responsible to the residents when an election is approaching.

In the current environment, there are no residents who are willing to step forward and be on the board because they don't want the stress and criticism coming from the community.  We need our finest and our best to move this community forward. 

Lets think about encouraging an open forum where people can be heard, where they can find support for what they view as a problem.  This group would have no authority to do anything other than recommend to the Board.  The more who attend the stronger their voice.

Neighborhood Security

If you see suspicious activity in our community and would like to alert the police we suggest you call (609)723-8300 to reach the police desk rather than 911.  You might like to put this number in your cell phone for quick access.

Landscaping Ideas

Check out the slide show of landscape ideas from Legacy Oaks and even our own community.   Food for thought!

Landscaper Problems
BTBuzalski 28 September 2013

As many of you know, Redmond has been careless with their weed wackers around our properties.  Solar lights have been destroyed, down spouts ruined, and in my case, the wires to the compressor were severed. My call to Redmond was unanswered, my inquiry to the board was referred to the Dan-mar. 

A copy of the Redmond Contract was requested which required a board meeting to approve and several more e-mails to obtain from Dan-mar.

Copies of letters Dan-mar sent to Redmond and the Board on my behalf were requested since I was not copied on any of the documents eluded to have been sent in e-mails from Dan-mar. 

At first there was  no response and then after repeating the request I was notified that it had been forwarded to their Lawyer.  I have yet to hear from him (or her). 

From that action I can infer that there was no correspondence and requests, if any, were verbal.  I'm a patient man.  Lets see what happens next.  In the mean time, I'm still out my $250 to repair the damage.  It looks like I have to hold the Board, Dan-mar and Redmond liable.  Small claims court doesn't cost much.