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Resident Services

This is a listing of residents who are providing services you may be able to use.  Your contributions to this page are welcome.  We all have talents and like sharing them with others.  Sometimes there is remuneration involved for the time, sometimes there's not.  Always ask up front when contacting the person. 

SEAMSTRESS AVAILABLE - If you have any sewing/decorating needs, I can help you.  I have years of experience and have been sewing since I was a girl.  Do you still have those paper shades up from when you moved????? Let me help you!  Draperies, curtains, pillows, clothing etc.  Best of all, I'm your neighbor and in your own backyard!!!  Please call Janet Peeples at 609-923-6012.
Have a computer problem?  Bruce Buzalski would be glad to help you set up and secure a wireless network or expand your wired network without wires using a Slingbox Turbo.  Is your computer running slow?  Does it have enough RAM?  Is the disk too full?  Has the registry been checked?  Is that all Greek?  Don't call the Geeks, call Bruce.  609-997-0778
Do you have a service you'd like to add here?  Send your request along with the text you'd like to add to the Webmaster.  Make sure to include your name and address in the request.  This offer is for Hearthstone at Woodfield residents only.