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Pemberton Borough Council 2/19/14
Departments Disregard of the Electric Code

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To the Pemberton Borough Council for their meeting on February 19, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Pemberton Borough Council.

Whereas your Electric Code states that the Pemberton Borough Electric Department will

  • measure the EXCESS energy with a separate utility meter.

  • purchase the EXCESS energy.

Whereas with both meters installed at the direction of the Borough Electrician (see diagram)

  • The  Digital Utility Meter measures the energy flowing in both directions

  • The  Digital Utility Meter Nets the energy providing a total of all energy flowing through it regardless of direction

  • The  separate utility meter is positioned such that it measures ALL the energy produced

Therefore The Pemberton Borough Electric Department

  • purchases all the energy produced some of which may or may not be delivered,

  • Bills for energy  sent to the Borough Electric Department at the same rate as billed for energy taken from the Borough Electric Department.

The Pemberton Borough Electric Department  is in gross violation of  the Electric code and is hereby requested to correct the Code and metering to

  • allow the resident to use the ALL the energy produced

  • measure only the EXCESS energy in accordance with the code using a separate meter if desired

  • purchase only the EXCESS energy at the agreed upon rate

  • Cease charging the resident for ALL energy sent to the Pemberton Borough Electric Department

In October, when the meters were installed at the Borough Electricians direction the Solar installation was shut down and will not be activated until Pemberton Borough complies with their Electric Code and specifies the meter type and wiring in the Code.

The cost to the Resident Customer is $225 per month whether the system is operational or not and an additional amount of approximately the same value which is paid to the Borough for the Electricity consumed for a net loss of over $425 per month each and every month that this issue is unresolved and a total of over $1700 since October.

It is further recognized that the Borough Electric Department charges the residents, businesses and Non-Profits an exorbitant rate for the power they consume resulting in a large profit which is transferred to the General fund.  This income is needed to support the budget and wasteful spending of the Council which by law can only be increased annually by 2%.  The Electric fee structure is therefore another way of taxing the residents and illegally taxing Non-Profit organizations.