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geopeak commits Fraud


After being told by SunRun that they could not install a solar energy system in Pemberton Borough NJ because the Borough would not permit a NET METER, I was deeply disappointed and still wanted to install a solar system to reduce my carbon footprint and also reduce my dependence on Pemberton Borough Electric Company who charges $0.22 per kwh.  The promise of large savings from a solar installation was very attractive. 

I contacted GEOPEAK ENERGY® to see if there was anything they could provide.  GEOPEAK ENERGY® was advised that Pemberton Borough Electric Company prohibits NET METERS.  They were also told about the SunRun decision.  I asked if there was anything they could do.  Mr. Eugene Kingman, the GEOPEAK ENERGY® Sales representative said he would check with the management and also check with Pemberton Borough to see if there was a work around.  In the mean time he provided a quote after receiving my usage for several years and my electric bills.  A couple of weeks later, Mr. Kingman returned to say that GEOPEAK ENERGY® had found a solution.  His boss had talked with Pemberton Borough and found a work around.

Mr. Kingman couldn't tell me who his Boss had talked to nor cold he tell me the proprietary solution to circumvent the need for a NET METER.  At this point in time, I really didn't understand the physics of the installation and interconnection.  That would change.  A contract was presented for the installation which I signed.  Pemberton Borough was given a check for $3000 for the permit.  The system installation was scheduled and was completed on July 15, 2012.  The inspection was completed and then a 30 page contract from Pemberton Borough was sent to me.  I refused to sign it.  I was not aware of the contract prior to the installation or at the time I signed the contract.  That was a failure of GEOPEAK ENERGY®.

After 4 months of negotiations with Pemberton Borough a modified contract was presented which I signed.  The connection to the grid was completed on December 19, 2012.  I started monitoring the performance of the system and found that I was not seeing any savings.  I asked GEOPEAK ENERGY® why.  They could not provide an answer.  After 8 months of study and measurements we found that the way Pemberton Borough had placed it's meter on the system, they were taking all the energy produced.  They sold it back to me at $0.22 / kwh.  They pay me $0.05 / kwh for the energy they take.  It costs me $0.11 / kwh to generate.

The bottom line is that there was no solution to the prohibition of the NET METER.  This is a GRID TIED system and it can not function as they quoted without a NET METER in the system.  No one at GEOPEAK ENERGY® over a period of 3 years ever said that to me. By telling me they had a way around the net meter prohibition they committed FRAUD.  The contract I signed was obtained FRAUDULENTLY

I offered to convert the system to a Grid Assist installation.  I would pay for the hardware if GEOPEAK ENERGY® would pay for the installation.  GEOPEAK ENERGY® rejected the offer.

For an installation on a Public Utility's grid, I'm sure GEOPEAK ENERGY® can do an excellent job. I have no problem with the quality of the equipment or the installation.  I do have a problem with an organization that refuses to accept the error that was made and refuses take appropriate corrective action. 

GEOPEAK ENERGY® is currently in litigation and attempting to protect themselves from this claim of FRAUD.  It's taking time and lots of money but I refuse to let them get away with their inappropriate behavior.