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Summary:  GEOPEAK ENERGY® fraudulently promised a grid tied solar installation where net meters were prohibited by the electric code.

Detail of Complaint: In 2012 GEOPEAK ENERGY® approached me with a proposal to install solar panels which I very much wanted.  The GEOPEAK ENERGY® salesman fraudulently promised a large return on my investment in addition to the SREC’s I would receive.  The entire proposal appeared to be a standard form used for public utilities in the state.  However, in the Borough of Pemberton, GEOPEAK ENERGY® was advised that net meters were prohibited by code.  The salesman came back several weeks later and fraudulently stated that they had a way to get around the net meter prohibition but could not state what the proprietary solution was. He fraudulently stated I would get all the benefits he had quoted. 

The installation went forward but not without drama.  Once the system was connected, I expected to see an immediate reduction in my electric bill.  There was no change.  My electric bill was just as expensive as it had always been.  I continually queried GEOPEAK ENERGY® about the situation.  They provided no explanation.  Eventually I was able to piece together what had happened and by taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of the Pemberton Borough Council was finally able to get them to change their meter so that rather than taking all the energy I generated, I got to use a small amount of it. 

The energy sent to the grid was purchased by the Pemberton Borough Electric Company.  They paid less than half the cost of generation.  I had to purchase that energy back at full price resulting in a net loss for every bit of energy I sent to the grid.  Subsequently it costs me more for my electricity that if I had never installed the panels.  The savings promised by the GEOPEAK ENERGY® salesman never materialized.

The system they installed was designed to be a grid tied system.  However without net meters it could never operate properly.  The only way out of the problem was to make it a Net Assist Solar System by installing a battery pack that would be charged by the solar panels. I asked GEOPEAK ENERGY® to assist me with the conversion.  They refused.

GEOPEAK ENERGY® is not admitting any wrongdoing and are hiding behind the contract they fraudulently sold me with SunPower.  The SunPower equipment works perfectly.

Their salesman clearly committed fraud.  GEOPEAK ENERGY® is not admitting to fraud.  They are however guilty by association whether they were aware of the fraud at the time it was committed or not.  GEOPEAK ENERGY®  is responsible for the action of the GEOPEAK ENERGY® employees.