Screen Capture
Drive letters

1/23/2010 Reassign Disk Drive Letters  There are times when it is desirable to reassign removable drive letters so they always appear in the same place and shortcuts remain valid.  To do this use the Computer Management Tool.  It can be found in the start menu, all programs, administrative tools or by right clicking on "Computer" in windows explorer and selecting manage.  When it opens select Disk Management under Storage.  Right click on the drive whose letter you want to change and select "change drive letter....".  Select the letter you want to use for that drive.  Do NOT change system drive letters.

1/22/2010 Screen Capture:  Have you ever wanted to grab an image on the screen?  It's very easy to do with standard windows tools.  <Shift><Print Screen> puts an image of your screen on the clipboard.  Open Paint (usually in Start/all programs/accessories ) and select Edit/Paste (or <control><v>).  Select the area of the screen you want to keep using the selection tool, then Edit / Cut or <control><x>.  You now have just the portion of the screen you wanted on the clip board.  You can paste it back in a new Paint file and save it to your hard drive or you can paste it into a word processing application or e-mail.