2008.06.25 The Windows PC

Most of us work on a windows based PC.  Some of us, who like to strike off on their own are using an Apple product.  Personally, I think apples are best when picked off trees.  But hey! if a Mack floats your boat, God Bless!  My focus here will be on solving the problems created by Bill Gates and his pals.  I'm sure you've noticed that the longer you use your PC the slower it gets.  Microsoft has yet to develop adequate tools to manage that.  Even the new Vista which is incompatible with everything, doesn't address the issue.  Norton has released a new product called "360" which is supposed to be the final answer.  It the a single solution it would like to be.  Keep tuned here and I'll give you my slanted view on the subject as products evolve.

2007.03.01  Tech Republic Help files for Windows XP

This link has a long list of articles related to the operation and maintenance of Windows XP.  As long as Tech republic maintains this link I'll keep it active.  I have downloaded most of the pdf files so if and when they do evaporate I'll keep them available.  Instructions are here for doing things like automatically logging into your pc when it restarts to efficiency tricks and optimizing Windows XP.  Take a look at these articles and download the ones that interest you.