Welcome!  Check out the links above as well as the ones below.  Whether it's cooking or computing you will find something interesting here.  To find out more about the range of my support services you're invited to go to "support".

Protect Your Computer

In today's world if your computer is connected to the internet or if you receive files from friends your computer is not safe unless you have both virus and worm protection.  This is an unfortunate reality of the world in which we live.  Over the years Symantec has consistently provided a protection service that keeps pace with the latest threats. 

As a first line of defense I recommend that you buy and install Norton Internet SecurityI have installed Norton 360 and, although it is fairly good, I've got some issues with it which might not bother the average user. The one thing that I wish they had included is a full disk backup.  Norton Save and Restore, Norton Ghost or Acronis True image are the solutions of choice to keep your completely safe.   These packages are now easier to use than ever and they do incremental backups so you are always current.  Don't wait until your hard drive fails and make sure you know where the recovery disk is.  When you have a crash, it's too late.


My Websites

The following links are for sites maintained for friends or non profits.  I enjoy helping people to develop a web presence for their business or other objectives.

AdvantageWholeSaleLinen.com is my latest effort for one of my neighbors.  He has started a small business, striking out on his own and wanted a web presence. 

Millbrook-umc.org is the site for my north Jersey church home. Even though we now live in south Jersey we still make the trip north at least once a month.

Pemberton-umc.org is my south Jersey Church home.  I haven't joined yet but I'm sure Pastor Jere will be on my case pretty soon.

CHS55.info is my High School Class website. I can't believe that it has been 55 years since High School Graduation.  We celebrated our 50 year reunion in 2005.