Now that I have retired from the day to day routine of a real job I am able to do what I have always enjoyed the most.  Helping my technologically challenged friends survive in today's high tech environment.  I ask nothing from them in return but a simple thank you.  The satisfaction I receive from making their lives richer is payment enough.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if any of the topics below spark your imagination or have already become a major annoyance.  For most usage problems I am able to provide phone support. For more complicated configuration issues I provide in home support.  Training in the use of  hardware or software is also available.  For you seniors out there on a fixed income, please don't worry about the cost.  You can afford it.

Most of the web design that I do is for non profits.  I provide a web presence for them and do my best to keep it fresh and interesting or just a static page or two to provide basic information.  I have been a FrontPage user since 1998 and have recently started using Swish to include Flash movies on the page.  Coupled with web design is the support of URL registration that provides you with your own web identity.  Both URL registration and Web Hosting is very inexpensive costing as little as $60 a year to have your own site and unique e-mail address.  

Today's home computers are closely tied to the world wide web making them an invaluable tool to retrieve information, manage finances and improve communications.  The down side of that connectivity is that the home computer becomes the target of malicious people who bombard you with spam, computer viruses, bots and adware.  These unwanted gifts can bring your computer to its knees and make it useful for little more than a paperweight. Management of the home computer can be intimidating to those who barely know enough to send and receive e-mail.  To this group of people I provide in home restoration of their computer.  My focus is largely on senior citizens who struggle the most with all this new stuff.

Home entertainment is a rapidly growing and changing market.   The rapid approach of High Definition TV and surround sound systems that provide close to an in home theater experience have greatly complicated the installation and usage of what used to be a simple radio, television or record player.  When properly designed and integrated with a good remote control, these systems are easier to use than ever before.  The new remote controls that operate based on function rather than device are the key to simplifying usage.  If you are having trouble, let me help you simplify your system.

I don't like to walk into a dark house.  I'm also very bad about remembering to turn lights off.  Using X-10 modules and a controller that is programmed from the computer, it is possible to turn lights on and off anywhere in your house automatically.  I particularly enjoy having background lighting that is set at a low level in each room. There is just enough illumination that you can easily navigate with complete safety.  All the lights in the system can be controlled by a wireless remote control and even integrated into the home theater system to provide the proper ambiance when watching your favorite show.  When I'm away, the lights continue to operate automatically which gives the home a "lived in" look that will discourage unwanted guests.  The X-10 system requires no special wiring and can be retrofitted in almost any home.  It is a cost effective solution to all your automation needs.