Medical Links

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For general information sources, visit Navigator,  the web links of the
 New York Times newsroom.

Check out my section on the spine.

*  provides consumer-oriented health information used by several other sites
* Aegis  Comprehensive collection of AIDS information and resources, including HIV Infoweb
* America's Doctor  Includes live chats with doctors
* Association of Online Cancer Resources  Tracks cancer developments, mailing lists and support groups
* Breast Cancer Answers from the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center
* CDC National Prevention Information  Network HIV, STD and TB information from the Centers for Disease Control
* CliniWeb International  Multilingual access to medical information
* Columbia University's  Health
* Aetna U.S.   Healthcare
* Blue Cross/Blue Shield 
* Cigna Healthcare
*   Consumer oriented health insurance information
* Kaiser Permanente 
* Oxford Health Plan 
* Prudential   HealthCare Now part of Aetna
* United Health Care 
* American Medical Association
* American Accreditation Healthcare  Commission/URAC a leading accreditation organization for health care entities in the United States
* Online Surgery  Watch surgery live, or view the archives, using RealPlayer
* Outbreak   Information (much of it frightening) about emerging diseases